Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Expert Program

Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it learn for themselves.

Tools Covered

TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, PyTorch, Jupiter Notebook, Apache, Azure, Keras, Tableau, MatplotLib, Pandas,  Seaborn

Tools Covered

Career in
Machine Learning & AI

Jobs that are ideal for Machine Learning trained professionals include:
Machine Learning Engineer
Machine Learning Engineer

Creating programmes and algorithms that enable machines to take actions without being directed.

Data Scientist
Data Scientist

Data scientists answers major questions that help organizations make objective decisions.

Data Analyst
Data Analyst

A data analyst collects, processes and performs statistical analyses on large dataset.

Statistical Programming Specialist
Statistical Programming Specialist

Creating computer software that can collect, analyze and report information from large databases.

Who can do?

Who should take this Machine Learning Program

  • Beginners or Recent Graduates
  • IT Professionals
  • Analytics Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Banking and Finance Professionals
  • Marketing Managers
  • Supply Chain Network Managers
Machine Learning Program

Course Details

Total Duration 7 Months

Unit: 1

Machine Learning Introduction

Machine Learning

• Introduction to Python Programming
• Python Libraries (NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Matplotlib)
• Assignment and practical
• Overview of AI and ML Concepts
• Applications of AI

Time Duration: 4 Weeks
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Unit: 2

Machine Learning Problem Solving

Machine Learning Problem Solving

• Formulating Real World Problems for AI/ML
• Intuitive and Simple Algorithms
• Data Pre-Processing and Visualization
• Representation of Real World Data
• Supervised and Unsupervised machine Learning
• Classification and Regression Problems
• Time Series Analysis
• Assignment

Time Duration: 10 Weeks
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Unit: 3

Machine Learning & AI Algorithm

Machine Learning & AI Algorithm

• Linear Algorithms, Training and Optimization
• Linear regression
• Logistic regression
• Principle Components Analysis (PCA)
• Gradient Descent and Backpropagation
• Decision Trees, Random Forests and Ensembles
• Support Vector Machines
• Assignment

Time Duration: 10 Weeks
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Unit: 4

Deep Learning Techniques

Deep Learning Techniques

• Introduction to Deep Learning
• Convolutional Neural Networks
• Recurrent Neural Networks
• Assignment
• Overview of Advanced Topics

Time Duration: 4 Weeks
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Case Studies in
Machine Learning & Ai

As a Machine Learning, you are required to understand the business problem, design a data analysis strategy, collect and format the required data, apply algorithms or techniques using the correct tools, and make recommendations backed by data.

  • Sentiment Analysis - Twitter
  • Movie Recommendation System - Netflix, Youtube
  • Time Series Forecasting - Weather Forecast, Market prediction , Solar
  • Real Time prediction  - 99Acers, Housing, Amazon, Banking
  • Regression - Data Analysis

How to join

Start your course as per your convenience
Online Courses
Online Courses
Library Based Learning

Online courses are delivered asynchronously where students learn on their own schedule (self-paced learning) without any real time instructor. The course content - lessons, prerecorded video lectures and tutorials, tests and quizzes, homework and assignments can be access by the students enrolled in the course at any time, as long as the course is active and available.

Live Online Classes
Live Online Classes
Virtual room

Live online classes are synchronous events organized in a live virtual meeting room where students and trainers meet together to communicate with voice, video, whiteboard. Live online classes require students and instructors to be online at the same time. Meetings and lectures occur at the same hour. All students must be online and connected to the internet at that specific hour.

Classroom Classes
Classroom Classes
Classroom & Workshop based

We provide classroom coding sessions at our training center based in New Delhi. We also conduct weekly workshops for performance insights.
We have a strong team of professions who are experts in their fields. Our trainers are highly supportive and render a friendly working environment to the students positively stimulating their growth.

Why choose us?

  • Daily Workshop
    Get hands on experience while working on a project with professionals. Practical sessions are held every alternate day to inspect theoretical knowledge.
  • Real world project Assignments
    Prepare given project assignments to have a check on your programming skills. Projects involving real world data sets.
  • Career Counseling
    Our expert and supportive counselling panel is always present to guide you in any situation.
  • Internship
    This project will put you in a corporate development environment. You will be coding Python application to perform Data Analysis. You will create & execute the code and have an opportunity to compare it.
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  • Self-Paced Learning material Option
  • Course Videos & Readings
  • Assignments with Peer Feedback
  • Quizzes with Feedback
  • Assignments

Free Demo & Counselling

This demo class is a 1 hour session. The demo class is conducted on industry-standard online class infrastructure from You'll just need a computer/ tablet with good internet connectivity to participate.

What you will learn in the demo:
•  How to get started with Machine Learning as a career option
•  Application of Data Science
•  Machine Learning terminologies
•  Understand real-life business scenarios that encounter
•  Hands-on experience in data analysis using Python
•  How to choose the right Machine Learning program

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