Coding is fun!

If your child has started to express interest in tech and coding, python programming for kids could be a great way to turn your child's interest into a passion.

python for kids

Kid-friendly and Simple to start language.

Python is a programming language especially good for children wanting to learn to code. Of all the various languages out there, it’s the one which we really encourage children to learn due to the minimal and easy to read style.

But as a parent, what do you need to know about Python?
To help you out we’ve put this short guide together which offers an introduction to Python for kids, and then some advantages to learning this popular programming language.

Why Python for Code?

Python is great for kids wanting to learn how to code.

Learn Coding with fun

It’s the one which we really encourage children to learn due to the minimal and easy to read style.

Easy to Learn

Intuitive coding style, text-based commands using plain English, built-in help comments, and a wealth of online resources. Python is the perfect coding language to get kids started off with.

Future Ready skill

It is used to power the technology behind some of the world’s most well-known brands with web development, data science, machine learning, plus mobile and desktop applications running on it.

What Kids can learn?

Code own apps and games in Python for Mac, PC, or Linux, for school going kid to college level.
coding for kids
Python Programming

Learn to solve problems using Python code and continue your child's progress from home as per their interest.


Learn about object-oriented coding (OOP) and how to apply these to create their own interactive 2D video games.

programming for kids
App Development

Build interactive apps that respond to user input and mouse clicks using open-source Python library.

Why code for Kids?

Creativity with Career

Improve Problem Solving Skills

Coding improves logical and computing skills which helps in approaching a problem in an easier way.

Displays Creativity

What your kid visualize is what your kid creates! Let them build their idea and project and show the world.

First Move Advantage

The demand for programmers is on all time high. Give your child the advantage of learning code in the initial years of education.

Coding is Satisfying

Coding helps in improving mental health and also gives a feeling of satisfaction when a code comes live on screen.

Our little Coders...

I built my first ever game here at Pythonext. I rate my experience 9/10. Special thanks to faculty.


Jaswinder Singh


Coding is the best thing I had opted for in the lockdown. I enjoyed a lot with my fellow classmates and teacher.


Adwait Lakra


I took coding lessons after my school hours and it helped me a lot in thinking creatively and programming my own ideas. Thank you Pythonext


Saloni Sharma


Amazing trainers and more practical based approach is what Pythonext stands for!! Thank you team Pythonext.


Shikha Katoch


Anytime Training

Choose a convenient training time and type for your Kids
Online Learning
Weekly & Weekday Classes

Connect with us in our interactive live sessions to learn programming from your home. We are adaptive towards batch timings and size. 1-on-1 doubt solving session is also provided every week

Classroom Learning
Weekly & Weekend Classes

Join our classroom program to get training in best in-class infrastructure and finest child support treatment. Regular workshops and project offerings are prepared for better understanding of theoretical concepts.

Why Pythonext
A best place for your kid to learn coding
Good Environment

We provide a safe and secure environment for child development. We are intolerant towards any kind of social malpractice, gender bias and racial discrimination. Our child support panel is active 24x7.

Experienced Trainers

Our coaching staff holds an industry experience of over 10 years. We have a “no force clause” to determine systematic and periodical interest development in a child's growth.

More Skill Programs

Along with python training, we also provide mental training for inner peace and child’s socio emotional development. We also tutor digital marketing curriculum for promotion and lead generation of businesses.

More Practical 

The curriculum is designed to cater a more practical and innovation driven approach so that the child could learn to think creatively and code a programme from their own ideas. 

Invest for your Kids

If you decide to invest in Python classes for your kids, it certainly appears to be a good long-term investment in their future.

Happy Coding...

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